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About Play Alloa

Where did we start?

Play Alloa was founded in 1992, initially operating as an unincorporated organisation, until gaining charity status in 2005; and company status in 2010.

Over the years, Play Alloa has grown steadily, now employing a Project Manager, a Clerical Officer, a Finance Officer, a Development Officer and up to 25 sessional staff dedicated to providing a range of creative and experiential play and social opportunities and sessions. Play Alloa is also registered with the Care Inspectorate and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

What do we do?

Our aspiration is to offer an extensive range of creative play and social activities to as many local children and adults with disabilities and additional support needs as possible.

This includes the provision of user services such as play sessions, social groups, adult life skills workshops, playschemes, volunteer befriending, parent information sessions and respite care and support opportunities.

What are the benefits for our service users?

Play Alloa places the needs of our children and adults at the centre of our service. By providing creative and experiential learning for children and adults with additional support needs we build cognitive skills, improve socialisation and increase confidence and self-esteem. This all contributes to developing our service users as happy and healthy citizens.

And what are the benefits for our parents and carers?

We also offer parents and carers short-term respite from a full time caring role. This is essential to the mental and physical health of carers allowing them to recharge their batteries and spend quality time with other family members.

Our Service, Aims and Values

Our Vision Statement

Play Alloa's vision is to be a Centre of Excellence in the provision of creative play, social opportunities, and support services to children and adults with disabilities and additional support needs, and their families and carers.

This is based on the following criteria:
1. External evaluation: maintaining our Care Inspectorate registration and positive annual inspection
2. Internal evaluation: having internal evaluation procedures in place based on the organisation's strategic plan
3. Service delivery: maintaining a high-quality service, unique to the Central Belt, based on all evaluation reports
4. Strategic review: having demonstrable plans to sustain and develop services
5. Finance: having a clear and demonstrable financial plan and procedures
6. External training: having the capacity to disseminate and share good practice
7. Staffing: maintaining a consistent level of qualified, well-trained and experienced staff
8. Research and development: willingness to engage in partnership/network activity that develops inclusion and adds value to our community

Our Mission Statement

Play Alloa aims to provide a creative, life-enhancing range of play and social opportunities for children and adults with disabilities and additional support needs and, in doing so, strengthen their ability to achieve their full potential.

We will provide parents and siblings respite from their caring role and support to the whole family through information, peer support and improved respite care opportunities.

We will provide our service users with effective skills and experiences which will enhance their life and will develop the concept of early intervention, transition and inclusion.

Play Alloa will form an integral part of the local community, effectively contributing by providing employment, voluntary opportunities, work experience, developing life skills for the future, and promoting inclusion via our unique service.

Our Philosophy

By providing the opportunities for a child/adult to relax, have fun, be themselves and make informed choices regarding their own play/social experience, in a non-judgemental and supported environment, we can increase confidence and self-esteem, enabling participation in more mainstream activities.

Although we acknowledge and understand the variety of disabilities and additional support needs, we do not concentrate on the condition, we concentrate on the individual.

All our work comes from our belief that children and adults with disabilities and ASNs have a right to diverse and quality play and social opportunities. We believe that play/social contact has a critical and positive role in nourishing their physical and emotional wellbeing, and shaping their personal growth. We believe that given appropriate and individualised play/social support, our children and adults can develop the confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance and independence to fulfil their own potential, and live as rounded individuals.

By valuing the rights of the child to play and the adult to socialise, we believe that we provide parents/carers and siblings with a respite opportunity that provides them with positive time away from a demanding caring role and lessens their daily pressures.

Our Organisational Aims

Aim 1

To provide a range of opportunities where children/adults can play and socialise in an age-appropriate and inclusive way

Aim 2

To provide respite and support to families and carers

Aim 3

To provide valuable voluntary and work experience opportunities for the carers of tomorrow

Aim 4

To increase awareness of disability issues and promote inclusion and understanding in the wider community

Our Values

Unity of purpose

We are all united in a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission

Diversity, dignity and respect

We recognise and celebrate diversity and view this as a strength, both in relation to what we bring to our community as an organisation and what our children and young people offer the community

Family values as priority

We respect the rights of the family to expect a quality of care which is similar to their own values base and we undertake to be a second family to the children and young people in our care

Our employees are valued assets

We aim to develop our staff both personally and professionally and ensure that they are nurtured


We aim to provide a professional and quality service in response to the needs of our children and young people and their parents


We aim to achieve our mission by being transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders

Continuous Development

We aim to encourage and challenge everyone who is involved with Play Alloa to enhance their outlook, experiences and opportunities as a result of their interaction with us

Our Day-to-Day Service Delivery Aims

Aim 1

To provide a varied range of fun, stimulating and educational play and social opportunities within a professionally managed and caring environment for children and adults with disabilities and additional support needs

Aim 2

To promote equal access to play and social activities for all children and adults with disabilities and additional support needs

Aim 3

To provide respite - from the stress and other related problems experienced by parents, guardians or carers of children and adults with disabilities and additional support needs

Aim 4

To maximise opportunities, and to work in partnership with other agencies

Aim 5

To encourage inclusion of children and adults within mainstream play and leisure activities

Aim 6

To ensure that the children and adults attending Play Alloa have a great deal of fun and enjoyment

Aim 7

To provide appropriate and supported volunteering/employment/work experience opportunities for individuals wioth a view to developing work/social skills

Our Structure

Maria Malcolm

Maria Malcolm

  • Project Manager

We are managed by a Board of Directors who adhere to current childcare legislation as set by The Scottish Executive, The Care Inspectorate and Clackmannanshire Council. Play Alloa’s Childrens' Service is also registered with the Care Inspectorate.

We currently we have a team of 21 staff. This consists of a Project Manager, a Development Officer, a Clerical Officer, an Administrative Officer, 3 Session Co-ordinators and 14 Play/Support workers.

All staff employed by Play Alloa must first have a clear PVG check and are registered with SSSC (if working with children). Most of our team also have childcare qualifications, whilst the remainder attend training to ensure that they are up to speed in current childcare practices & procedures.

Our Strategy for 2015-2021

Over the last year, Play Alloa has grown strength-to-strength, aided by the ownership of our new building in Alloa's town centre.
This provides us with many new opportunities, but a need for a strategy to further develop our services, as shown below.